About Me

I am Niamh Lloyd and I welcome you to my blog Jim Nicholson MEP.

Here it’s all about politics. I know what you are thinking, “just another boring political blog.” Well! You are not utterly wrong. Politics can be a tad bit boring but in this platform, we are going to strive to make it exciting, insightful and informative.

I will tackle topical issues that have elicited so much debate and will simplify it in a way that even those not interested in politics will appreciate and enjoy the read. I will clarify that I am not a political analyst, but rather a citizen of the European Union who has a desire to understand the political climate and share this understanding with my fellow citizens.

In this platform you can expect plain English free from political jargon. I will focus on telling it like it is and in the simplest terms possible. In summary, I will simply tell it as I understand it. I therefore welcome you to join me in this political discourse. 


Niamh Lloyd

A citizen of the EU