According to Pekeler-Klartext: Now the bosses strike back

League, Cup, Champions League, Club World Cup, in between World Cup, European Championship or Olympia: Hendrik Pekeler (27) plays handball eleven months a year at THW Kiel, making about 60 games per season. Too much for the national player. Last week, the runner in the circle sounded the alarm in SPORT BILD.

As a result, DHB boss Andreas Michelmann (59) sought the pronunciation on the phone. But Pekeler sticks to his criticism: Too many games destroy the bodies of the players and endanger the international competitiveness of the Bundesliga clubs. SPORT BILD confronted the handball bosses with this.

HBL Managing Director Frank Bohmann (53) defends himself: “It is always easy to blame the organisers. If the burden is too great for individual players, the squad must be increased and more playing time distributed”.

Hendrik Pekeler Achievements 

  • Summer Olympics:
    • Bronze: 2016
  • European Championship:
    • Gold: 2016
  • EHF Champions League:
    • Gold: 2010
  • National Championship of Germany:
    • Gold: 2010, 2016, 2017
  • German Super Cup:
    • Gold: 2016, 2017

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The managing director of THW Kiel, Thorsten Storm (54), firmly rejects this objection: “Overall, the question arises as to where the clubs should get all the money from. Faster transport, even bigger squads and still keeping the top stars in the league – who should pay for that? And: How does the Handball Bundesliga (HBL) see it when the clubs only send the second row to Supercup and All-Star-Game to give their top stars the necessary regeneration? Not using the stars in league games would be a fatal signal for the public image of our sport, which has to watch out anyway that it’s not quite five after twelve. See the audience figures on the first match days. We have to do a lot more together for the handball product.”

Bohmann countered that the players probably don’t want to earn less money: “Ten games less also means 30 percent less money. It would be too short-sighted to say it’s wrongly organized.”

Maik Machulla (41), coach of the German champion Flensburg, also contradicts: “In view of the high strain on the players, I would wish for better communication between all parties involved (EHF, HBL and Sky) when scheduling the games. What is decisive for me as a coach is that the players get the appropriate regeneration phases and that both between the games and during the summer break. To have a squad twice as big is simply unrealistic and sporty also not target-oriented”.

What does the league want? “Life is not a concert of wishes. But constructive cooperation between the clubs, the league and the association is always better than giving good advice that nobody can implement,” says THW boss Storm. Omni Slots is a fun online casino that is different from many other casinos.